Friday, 22 September 2017


On Thursday 28th September we will be visiting Juan Pablo 11 park to see  a Police Exhibition.
The children should wear their PE uniforms, as we haven't changed into winter uniforms yet at school. I am sorry if the letter did not explain this clearly.

The children will not take their main school bag, just their snack and a bottle of water, please ensure this is packed in a small, separate bag so they can take them easily. We will return to school before lunch, so the children will eat lunch at school as normal.

Many thanks for all the offers of help to attend the trip. I can only take two parents, hopefully on our next trip you will be able to come. Thank-you.

Homework 18th September 2017

Our new spellings for Wednesday 27th September 2017 
Our spelling sound is the ar sound when followed by the W.
Homework: Write five sentences using some of your spelling words.

Mental maths
Our mental maths questions on Thursday 21st September were:
Next week our mental maths will be focusing on the 4 times table, please practise this at home so that your child is confident counting in 4's, thank-you.
Maths Homework: To be handed in on Friday 29th September 2017.
This is a maths sheet which practises the learning objectives we have been practising all in class. Greater than/less than and adding and subtracting.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


On Friday 15th September 2017 we as a whole school will be celebrating Dot Day. This is a day where we celebrate where we are as individuals and how we can improve and make progress. We will be reading the Dot Day story, learning the Dot Day song and doing lots of fun "Dot Day" activities too. Your child CAN wear a dotty/spotty t shirt or socks or hat anything they already have that is dotty/spotty please don't feel you have to go and buy anything new for this day. I will take some photos of our day and put them on the blog for you at the weekend.

Homework week beginning 11th September 2017.

Our spelling rule for Wednesday 20th September 2017 is spelling words with the or pattern after the w.
1. words
2. work
3. world
4. worth
5. worm
6. worry
7. sword
8. worst
9. worried
10. worked
Write five sentences using some of your spelling words to show you know what the words mean.
Thank-you for covering their books in plastic, it is a great help, thank you.

PLEASE can you cover their spelling and mental maths test book in plastic too, thank you.

Our mental maths questions on Wednesday 13th September 2017 were:
1. 35+__=100
2. 60+__=100
3. 75+__=100
4. 80+__=100
5. 50+__=100
6. 95+__=100
7. 30 +__=100
8. 25+__=100
9. 10+__=100
10. 45+__=100
Next week our mental maths will be doubling e.g. double 20 is 40, double 12 is 24 etc
Our maths homework is a sheet and it is based on the work we have been covering in class this week. This homework should be handed in on Friday 22nd September.

Our library day is Monday, please ensure all the children bring their library books to school every Monday so they can change them, thank-you.